PSJUK Addresses Crucial Policy Areas in Nigeria’s Constitutional Review

In a concerted effort to uphold the principles of freedom, equality, and justice and promote good governance and the welfare of all citizens, the 10th House of Representatives has extended an invitation to the general public, executive and judicial bodies, professional organizations, Nigerians in the diaspora, and other stakeholders to submit memoranda or proposals for further revisions to the 1999 constitution.
Chairman Kalu of the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review emphasized that the committee’s focus will center on issues such as the devolution of power, local government autonomy, judicial reforms, traditional institutions, state creation, gender equality, among others.
With an unwavering commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and fairness, the International Organisation for Peace-building & Social Justice (PSJUK), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of peace, equity, and social justice through collaborative initiatives and advocacy efforts, has responded by submitting proposals addressing critical themes. These cover four pivotal areas: Nigerian Police and security architecture; comprehensive judicial reforms; electoral reforms to strengthen INEC for transparent, credible, free, and fair elections; and the independence of oversight institutions and agencies established by the constitution or pursuant to an Act of the National Assembly.
“We firmly believe that by upholding these principles, Nigeria can realize its full potential, asserting itself as a true African giant and a significant player on the global stage. PSJUK’s contributions reflect a deep-seated commitment to advancing peacebuilding and social justice initiatives nationwide,” said Ayo

Adedoyin, the not-for-profit’s Chief Executive.
“As we embark on this journey, PSJUK extends an invitation to passionate individuals who share our vision to join us as volunteers in our research or policy teams. Whether you possess expertise in law, governance, or community advocacy, your dedication and enthusiasm are invaluable assets in our collective pursuit of justice and equity.”
There is an urgent need for proactive engagement and advocacy to promote transparency, accountability, and fairness to foster positive societal transformation. Individuals who share PSJUK’s vision are encouraged to play their part as volunteers in driving meaningful change and shaping a brighter future for Nigeria.

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