We are a Movement

Volunteering here at PSJ UK is a great way for you to be a part of a revolutionary movement determined to work towards and see peace and social justice in Nigeria. You can join one of our Action Teams helping out in a variety of diverse fields where you can use your existing skills and knowledge or build up new ones.

The wealth of skill, talent and the resources of the Nigerian diaspora can play a critical role towards the building of a better Nigeria

Volunteering is so important for this Peace and Social Justice cause and it allows many people to contribute their great skills and abilities towards the great cause of building solutions to problems.


Volunteering with PSJ UK is my opportunity to invest into the nation of my heritage


It is fantastic that I can get to use my professional skills to make a positive impact on a situation so close to my heart.


I have had so many positive experiences whilst volunteering here that it seems as if I am getting more than I am giving.


Even though I no longer live in the UK, I can still get to make a positive contribution to the social justice cause by volunteering with PSJ UK


I love the opportunity I get to volunteer here – I am making a difference and also getting to build up my CV at the same time.


Contributing my quota here is not just about serving a cause, it is a moral imperative which lives and livelihoods are dependent on.

A concrete help for a better and Kind World