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13 Sep

Abductions And Killings Of Christians Soar In Nigeria’s Extremist Crisis

More than 1,000 Christians in Nigeria were killed during attacks by Islamic extremists in 2023, according to International Christian Concern. Boko Haram, Fulani militants, and other extremist groups kidnapped and […]


11 Sep

The Decline Of Religious Freedom Should Worry Us All

Though boasting Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria is in the midst of a security and economic crisis that threatens to turn it from a failing into a failed state. Successive governments […]


30 Aug

Nigerian court affirms right to convert from Islam to Christianity

A court in northern Nigeria has granted a court order protecting an 18-year-old Christian convert from threats to her life by family members, a ruling that emphasizes the fundamental right […]


3 Aug

Leading Nigerian bishop dismisses claims that government has ‘Islamist agenda’

A leading bishop in Nigeria has assured the country’s Christians that the new government does not have an Islamic agenda, despite concerns from churchgoers in the African nation. In an […]


7 Jul

Nigeria’s Security Crisis: Under Tinubu, Continuity Will Lead To Calamity

By Ayo Adedoyin, CEO PSJ UK . President Tinubu’s response to Nigeria’s security crisis so far signals much of the same inaction. Should the UK intervene?  . Nigeria may have […]


5 Jul

When Will the World Wake Up to The Persecution of Nigerian Christians?

More Christians are killed in Nigeria for their faith than anywhere else in the world. Of the 5,621 people murdered worldwide in 2022 for their belief in Christ, almost nine […]


26 Jun

Nigeria human rights group files ICC complaint over anti-Christian violence

In part on the basis of widespread attacks against Christians, a human rights organization in Nigeria has filed a complaint against the governor of Nigeria’s southeastern Imo state as well […]


29 May

Would May 29th Usher in Peace and Social Justice in Nigeria?

May 29th was oftentimes a school holiday in Nigeria while I was growing up, my father would passionately attempt to explain ‘Democracy Day’ to a 7-year-old inquisitive girl as the […]


27 May

Do These Black Lives Matter?

As American cities burned in the summer of 2020 due to “non-violent protests,” in which billions of dollars of damage was inflicted on businesses and property, demonstrations began to take […]


20 Apr

Toward Defeating Insurgency in Nigeria, Borrowing a Leaf from Egypt in the Middle East

The Middle East represents an ideology rather than a geographical space of 22 countries in Western Asia and North Africa. Egypt has had a long history of insurgency and political […]