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17 Jul

PSJ UK Submits Evidence to UK Inquiry on Nigeria

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee in The House of Commons at Westminster recently launchedan Inquiry and called for submissions of evidence from organisations and individuals with expertiseand interest on Nigeria as it seeks to dive deeper on the Nigeria – UK relationship, particularly inlight of ‘The Integrated Review’. The newly merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development […]


7 Jul

The G7 was a great chance for the West to stop Islamic State, time is running out

Faced with the imminent return of IS, and having failed to adequately consider them at the recent G7 summit, world leaders must attempt to restore global peace based on practical initiatives rather than empty slogans.


12 Jun

PSJUK statement on recent events in Nigeria and the state of the Nation.

PSJUK is disappointed by the Nigerian Government’s recent suspension of social media ‘platform’ Twitter. This action, which effectively amounts to nationwide sanctions on the people of Nigeria is yet another demonstration of the Nigerian Government’s nonchalant attitude towards upholding the Human Rights of the people they are called to serve. The suspension of Twitter usage […]


31 Mar

The New Daily Croissant


2 Mar

Mass abductions of children in Nigeria – children should not be used as disposable pawns.

Mass abductions of children in Nigeria – children should not be used as disposable pawns. On Thursday 25th February 2021, at least 300 students were abducted in the latest of recent escalating incidents as terrorist gunmen attacked a government school in the North-Western Zamfara state of Nigeria. According to the BBC, Local officials have confirmed […]


11 Jul

UK Government must show that ‘Black Lives Matter’ in it’s ex-colonies

Image Source: A lot has been made in recent weeks of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign to root out racism, and remove symbols that embrace Britain’s involvement in the African Slave Trade. Yet for all the uproar, little has been made of the injustice faced in Britain’s ex- colonies, much of which are a […]


22 Jun

Let’s use our foreign aid to bring security and peace to terrorist outposts

Ayo Adedoyin As the UK head of a Nigeria-focused charity working to improve the lives of millions in Africa’s largest economy, I welcome the recent news that the Foreign Office is taking over the Department for International Development (DFID). The much-anticipated merger, set to be completed by September, is a fantastic sign that this Government cares […]


11 Mar

Defeating ISIS in West Africa is Britain’s moral imperative

Ayo Adedoyin Two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a private conference sponsored by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office focusing on social cohesion in Nigeria. At the event, which featured a number of Nigerians from Nigeria, a number of civil servants and parliamentarians as well as representatives from the Nigerian-diaspora […]


20 Jan

We need to invest in Africa’s security as well as its industry

At a UN meeting held in New York in 2006, African state leaders said conflict was the greatest obstacle to the continent’s development. Fast forward fourteen years and not much has changed. This week Open Door’s 2020 World Watch List revealed that terrorists and militants are making major advances across West Africa making it the latest battlefront for Islamic […]


5 Jan

Britain must stop ignoring Christian prosecution in Nigeria, says BARONESS CAROLINE COX

IT HAS been five years since Nigeria’s Islamist Fulani herdsmen insurgency began. Thousands of civilians have been killed. Hundreds of Christian churches have been burned to rubble. Entire communities have been forced to abandon their homes and farmland. Across northern and central-belt states, militant herdsmen continue to engage in an aggressive and strategic land-grabbing policy. […]


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