Promote Peace Building, Social Justice and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Our Vision

To become a primary support, a strong voice, and a trusted ally of every community in Nigeria in the process of peace building and social justice

Our Mission

To engage national and international institutions in order to persistently advocate for justice and peace, and the rights of the people, especially in marginalized communities

How we promote peace building


We carry out and publish credible research about injustices and killings


We mobilise our collective voices into ONE cohesive voice which speaks up and against social injustice, insecurity and other forms of violence and persecution.


We provide direct and tangible support and relief to victims and survivors of the scourges that we advocate against. We work to restore peace into the lives of people who make up the communities.

Support Us

Together, we’ll mobilise international cooperation to fight against social injustices and promote peace.

Partner with us

Help bring an end to violence, bloodshed and cruelty that many families are experiencing on a daily basis in Nigeria and beyond.

Essential help for those facing unimaginable oppression

Education on the move

PSJ UK is partnering with Baroness Caroline Cox and HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) to purchase and kit out mobile school buses that will go from location to location, taking essential education supplies to displaced children in central Nigeria.


GOAL : 33000 £

RAISED : 0 £


Leah still in captivity

Saturday, February 19th 2022 marked four years since Leah Sharibu was brutally abducted by Boko Haram.


GOAL : 500 £

RAISED : 0 £


Become a


Choose the perfect help plan for you

The support we receive at PSJUK will go a very long way in contributing to the cause we believe in and have so much passion for, by advocating for peace and social justice. Please consider making either a regular gift or a one-off gift to help us keep attention and action on the issues of insecurity and injustice in Nigeria. Your contributions go directly towards a greater transformation.


£ 10.00


A recurring monthly donation of £10.00 would help support the ongoing full-time advocacy efforts which we do with regard to the various injustices currently happening in Nigeria. Please help us to sustain this.

Monthly Donation

£ 10.00
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Donation Total: £10.00 Monthly

Feed a Victim / Survivor for a year

£ 100.00


A one-off payment of £100 could feed a victim/survivor of atrocities in Nigeria for up to a full year. In many parts of Nigeria, victims and survivors of the most horrific atrocities receive no help from the government for even basic survival items like food, less so for trauma support.

They are often left to fend for themselves and thereby limit their chances of being able to get over the horrors that they have experienced. Can you step in to help? Would You?

Single Cause

£ 100.00
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How it works: A Stripe window will open after you click the Donate Now button where you can securely make your donation. You will then be brought back to this page to view your receipt.

Donation Total: £100.00

Recurring Donations

A recurring monthly payment can help contribute towards promoting change and development in Nigeria, making it a safer place for the community at large.

Ongoing Aid

PSJ engages and organises a global network of partners to act as a voice for marginalised communities and to create a model for active community advocacy for minority groups. A recurring payment will go a long way in sustaining an active community that will drive a change.


Should Nigeria repeal its blasphemy laws?

Should Nigeria repeal its blasphemy laws?​

All our latest news and updates

Below are recent publications from PSJ UK to inform and equip you. Please lend your voice by commenting, reacting or submitting your own contributions for review and possible publication.


Nigeria’s silent slaughter

Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter: Genocide in Nigeria and the Implications for the International Community, a recently released,  data tome, written and compiled by organizations at the forefront of advocacy in Nigeria. These individuals along with their respective organisations are actively involved in exposing the atrocities and the slaughter currently engulfing Nigeria. The research, data, testimonies, and […]

Tobi Emmnanuel



Can Nigeria dare to dream for a brighter future of religious freedom?

Pastor Ayo, CEO of peace organisation PSJ UK, shares highlights from their fringe events at the Freedom of Religion or Belief Conference, and his hopes for Nigeria Peace and Social Justice (PSJ UK) is an international non-profit organisation that seeks to promote peace building, social justice and sustainable development in Nigeria and other parts of […]




Westminster Hall debate on Nigeria’s security crisis

Watch as the Members of Parliament gather in Westminster Hall, UK Parliament, to debate Nigeria’s Security Crisis after the launch of our report; Titled:- On The Brink?



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