Author Nnenna Joseph

29 May

Would May 29th Usher in Peace and Social Justice in Nigeria?

May 29th was oftentimes a school holiday in Nigeria while I was growing up, my father would passionately attempt to explain ‘Democracy Day’ to a 7-year-old inquisitive girl as the […]


27 May

Do These Black Lives Matter?

As American cities burned in the summer of 2020 due to “non-violent protests,” in which billions of dollars of damage was inflicted on businesses and property, demonstrations began to take […]


20 May

The Two Suspects Held Over The Killing Of Deborah Samuel Set Free

One year after, the death of Deborah Samuel, the 25-year-old  200 Level student of Home Economics lynched for blasphemy on May 12th, 2022, the case of her suspects has been […]


12 May

Repeal Blasphemy Laws: One Year After the Gruesome Murder of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto Nigeria

The death of Deborah Samuel a year ago was not unusual, Christians in Northern Nigeria have seen more gruesome extrajudicial killings than Deborah’s propelled by ‘’Blasphemy accusations”. One of the […]


28 Apr

European Parliament Weigh In On Yahaya Sharif Aminu Impending Death Penalty for Blasphemy in Nigeria

The European Parliament on of 20 April 2023 weighed in on the risk of the death penalty andthe execution of singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu for blasphemy in Nigeria and made the […]


20 Apr

Toward Defeating Insurgency in Nigeria, Borrowing a Leaf from Egypt in the Middle East

The Middle East represents an ideology rather than a geographical space of 22 countries in Western Asia and North Africa. Egypt has had a long history of insurgency and political […]


9 Apr

Chimamanda’s Letter To Joe Biden: Nigerian Election Was Rigged, Shabbily Rigged

Dear President Biden, . Something remarkable happened on the morning of February 25, the day of the Nigerian presidential election. Many Nigerians went out to vote holding in their hearts […]


5 Apr

Nigeria: Trust And Turnout Define 2023 Elections

Despite the promise of technology and new legislation, Nigeria’s tightly contested elections have resulted in growing mistrust and revealed deepening divides. — Idayat Hassan and Dr. Alex Vines . In […]


14 Mar

Nigeria’s Election Highlights Anglo-American Missteps

Nigeria’s just concluded presidential elections have been focusing minds in London and Washington. Like tens of millions of Nigerian voters, Anglo-American officials realized what was at stake. Nigeria is Africa’s […]


8 Mar

Chatham House: Nigeria’s Presidential Election Not Conducted In Line with INEC’s Guidelines

…Says electoral body learnt no lesson  …Fitch downgrades Nigeria’s short-term social stability, on Tinubu’s ‘weak’ mandate . CHATHAM House, an independent policy institute based in London, has stated that from […]