Nigeria’s silent slaughter

Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter: Genocide in Nigeria and the Implications for the International Community, a recently released,  data tome, written and compiled by organizations at the forefront of advocacy in Nigeria. These individuals along with their respective organisations are actively involved in exposing the atrocities and the slaughter currently engulfing Nigeria. The research, data, testimonies, and statistics contained in this tome speak loudly to the condition of genocide.


Read our data report – Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter (online e-book)


This data report was researched, compiled and produced by the collaborative efforts of the International Committee On Nigeria (ICON) & International Organization on Peace-building & Social Justice (PSJ). 

Click image to read about Nigeria’s Silent Slaughter (online e-book)

A global tragedy

As Nigeria Goes, So Goes Africa, In Nigeria today, the breakdown of the rule of law, spiraling violence, atrocities against targeted religious groups and innocent civilians, and the apparent impunity of perpetrators together have all contributed to transforming the country into a largely failed state and a regional epicenter for terrorism and religious persecution of Christians and at-risk non-Muslim minorities.

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