‘Nigeria; The Way Forward’ is Set to be PSJs Inaugural Conference

Following the launch of new NGO PSJ (UK) and International organisation of Peace and Social Justice advocacy, an inaugural conference entitled ‘Nigeria; The Way Forward’ will be held on November 22nd at Westminster Central Hall in London.

The conference begins at 6:30 pm prompt and cocktails will be served prior from 6pm.
The conference focuses on the impact of key issues affecting peace and unity within the nation of Nigeria and aims to function as an ‘urgent wake-up call’ for Nigerians in diaspora.

Topics covered will include a deep dive into the history of conflict in Nigeria and the truth of recent reports and controversy concerning the insurgencies and kidnappings blighting the region. The conference will also explore the topic of climate change and the impact that this is having on the region and how it may be functioning as a driver of the current conflicts, as well as asking what other factors drives the unrest and how can we best understand these?

Ultimately the take away from the conference will be to identify ways in which Nigerians in diaspora, as well as other global citizens who are concerned about these issues, can engage effectively with the issues surrounding the nation of Nigeria with a view to finding solutions and bringing peace.

Keynote speakers will include Dr Michael Oyelere, the Senior Lecturer of International Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Coventry University; Dr Obadiah Malafia, a Developmental Economist and the former deputy-governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; and Tutu Balogun, an experienced community organiser and the founder of Caravan of Hope.

The full address of the conference is as follows:
Westminster Central Hall
Storeys Gate

For further information please contact…….

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