LORD ALTON OF LIVERPOOL — To Ask Her Majesty’s Government What Is Their Most Recent Assessment Of The Integrity Of Elections In Nigeria; And What Discussions They Have Held, If Any, With The President Of Nigeria About The Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill 2022

LORD GOLDSMITH OF RICHMOND PARK — The UK remains committed to supporting the democratic process in Nigeria, and we continue to stress the importance of free and fair elections ahead of the 2023 presidential race. We warmly welcome the signing of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law on 25 February. We assess that this will help contribute to free, credible and peaceful elections in Nigeria. The UK continues to work with civil society and the Independent National Electoral Commission to strengthen the integrity of elections in Nigeria. On 21 February the Minister for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Vicky Ford MP, met with officials from the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission to discuss the vital role a strong and independent electoral commission will play in delivering credible and transparent 2023 elections. Minister Ford also raised elections with the Vice President during her visit, and expressed the UK Government’s wish to see a strong legal framework in place well ahead of elections.


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