Yes. The UK government has, in responding to various written questions, acknowledged full awareness of the security challenges in Nigeria. HMG often expresses concern and does make condemnation statements about the various atrocities. In 2021, The British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Ms Catriona Laing (British High Commissioner to Nigeria since 2018) wrote about her grave concerns stating: The UK government has recognised the insurgency in The North-Eastern geo-political zone of Nigeria as terrorism
The British government does not have direct responsibility for addressing the security crisis in Nigeria as Nigeria is its own independent sovereign state however the UK does have a moral responsibility as a leading nation of the commonwealth, as a fellow independent nation in our inter-connected world which the UK has peaceful and cooperative diplomatic relationships with and as the nation that formed Nigeria by merging together it’s various component parts and put in place the foundational structures upon which it has developed as a nation. In 2018, The UK during the premiership of Prime Minister, Theresa May signed a Defence cooperation partnership arrangement. This agreement has not been rescinded at any time and is therefore in force. On the basis of the above points, it remains appropriate to address the question of the effectiveness of the UK concerning Nigeria’s security challenges. We currently do not have stats from HMG to show how effective the partnership has been but we are writing to HMG to request the stats and we will update here.
The various known Jihadist groups are known to have different localised command structures however they are all tied together by a common purpose and are known to be increasingly cooperating together. The Islamic State which is also referred to as ISIS has various cells and affiliates operating in different parts of the world e.g. ISWAP (Islamic State, West Africa Province), and others not listed.
At the 2nd year review of The Bishop of Truro recommendations in July 2021, 17 out of the 22 recommendations had either been fully implemented or was in the process of being implemented. 4 of the recommendations had not started at all. The Truro review is due for an Independent review of progress at it’s third year anniversary which will be in July 2022

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