May 14 2021


7:15 pm - 8:20 pm

Leah at 18

Leah Sharibu @18 – a Celebration of Courage in Captivity

Here is the link for live streaming of the event:

About this Event

At 14, Leah Sharibu was kidnapped along with 109 schoolgirls in Dapchi State, Northern Nigeria. Leah is the only girl still held captive as she refused to deny her Christian faith.

Every years millions of teens mark the coming of adulthood with celebrations, joy and hopes for a bright future. There’s often a feeling of new freedoms and new opportunities. Well, not for Leah. Leah has had much of her prime childhood stolen in the most horrific of circumstances. Her courage to stand firm in her faith has caused her to be stripped from her physical freedom.

We aim to mark her birthday through a celebration of her courage in captivity. Though she is physically held, the strength of her message has travelled far and wide, encouraging Christians all over the world and promoting Religious Freedom.

We are hopeful that Leah Sharibu will be free. We will continue to campaign and petition the International community to amplify the fight for Leah and thousands of other children in Nigeria’s release and protection.


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Hourly Schedule

Leah at 18

7:18PM - 8:18PM

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