More than 1,000 Christians killed by Islamic militants in Nigeria in 2019: report

More than 1,000 Christians have been murdered by Islamic militants this year in Nigeria, according to a report circulated by Christian news outlets earlier this month. A militia of Islamic Fulani herdsmen murdered Christians as part of an aggressive and strategic land-grabbing strategy across the Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Southern Kaduna and parts of Bauchi state, the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART), a British non-profit […]

Pray for the Christians who fear Christmas this year, says AYO ADEDOYIN

IN A FEW days you may be celebrating Christmas with numerous presents, a bountiful lunch, and the love of family and friends all around you. Sadly, for many Christians around the world this image of Christmas is very far-fetched. If this Christmas resembles previous years, dozens, maybe even hundreds of Nigerians run the risk of […]

PSJ Hails the Adamawa Peace Accord

Tentative steps towards peace have been taken after farmers and herders in the Bole Community of Yola South Local Government Area of Adamawa signed a Peace Accord last week. PSJ welcomes this initiative and believe it offers hope for a more peaceful future for the region. Made through collaboration with the British Council through its […]

‘Nigeria; The Way Forward’ is Set to be PSJs Inaugural Conference

Following the launch of new NGO PSJ (UK) and International organisation of Peace and Social Justice advocacy, an inaugural conference entitled ‘Nigeria; The Way Forward’ will be held on November 22nd at Westminster Central Hall in London. The conference begins at 6:30 pm prompt and cocktails will be served prior from 6pm. The conference focuses […]

PSJ Reacts to the Wilton Park Report on Internally Displaced People

The recent Wilton Park report into Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) takes a close look at the issue of internal displacement which is a growing global problem, occurring largely due to conflicts in several parts of the world, including Nigeria. As a result of violence and conflict such as the Boko Haram insurgency, over 613,000 people […]

New NGO, PSJ(UK) Launches as an International Advocacy Organisation for Peace and Social Justice

The International Organisation for Peace and Social Justice has launched as a new UK Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is dedicated to the promotion of social justice and sustainable development both globally and particularly in the region of Nigeria. PSJ aims to engage with and organise a network of global partners who are committed to the […]

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