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For every £100 you donate, we receive £200

Help us feed 1,600 families this Christmas by making a pledge with the BIGGIVE Match Funding Campaign – the Christmas Challenge by 8th September 2023. The BIGGIVE is the UK’s largest digital match funding campaign. It allows you to double your donation to our charity through the BIGGIVE website. All the donations received will be used to purchase relief materials for vulnerable families.


To learn more about match funding, please  Watch the video below.

Time is short for desperate families in Nigeria’s Middle Belt

Imagine having previously been able to access fresh and nutritious food from your own farm but now having to trek long distances to get meagre food handouts that are insufficient to provide adequate nourishment for your family and oftentimes have even run out. This is what many of the families we seek to help are facing. Tragically, the situation has become so bad that some families have sold children for income for food.   

By taking part in the BIGGIVE match funding campaign: The Christmas Challenge, you can help us to raise funds to buy rice, maize, millet, beans, yam, potatoes, and tomato paste, plus a few Christmassy treats in quantities enough to relieve 1,600 families from hunger this Christmas. (We consider an average family size to be 7 members).  


Help us feed 1,600 families over the Christmas period in the Bakim, Barkin Ladi, Riyom, and Miango communities of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. To do this, our goal is to reach a fundraising total of £50,000 by 12:00 am on 5 December 2023.  

There is serious food insecurity in this part of Nigeria.  

According to a 2021 study by the International Organization for Migration, 309,231 people were displaced in the Middle Belt of Nigeria due to violent attacks on communities by terrorist forces. People have been driven away from their homes, and their farmlands have been overtaken by terrorists. Roadblocks in some cities, such as Kaduna, have also inhibited food transportation.