Millions in Nigeria could face Hunger this Christmas.

Please help to do something about it….

The UN estimated a 47% increase from the 17 million people who were already at risk of going hungry, due to the ongoing insecurity, protracted conflicts, and rising food prices.


Watch Eunice’s story in the video below.

Hundreds of farmers have been killed and many others kidnapped or displaced across Nigeria between January and October 2023, according to data from the Nigerian Security Tracker, issued by the Council on Foreign Relations.


These attacks are affecting critical food supplies which is plunging parts of the country into a devastating hunger crisis this year. Killings and attacks in farming communities in Plateau State and across the middle-belt of Nigeria are the worst in years in a region that should be the food-basket of the nation but which has long struggled with ethno-religious tensions and some retaliation attacks.


Plateau State was once known as the ‘State of peace’ and now Eunice and her children long for the day when peace will return to their community.


Eunice is mother to 5 children. She has recently given birth to her fifth child who is now just a few months old. For many years she has worked with her husband in the farm fields and has provided ample food safely and happily for her family. Until recently that changed for the worse…


At daybreak both Eunice and her husband received reports that the Fulani herdsmen had entered Funzai village. She immediately began gathering their children, making every effort to see that they go ahead on the road. There were also many other people trying to escape.


“I tried to run but before I knew it, they shot me – first at my stomach and then in my leg. I couldn’t move again because I was in my ninth month of pregnancy, and about to give birth”, says Eunice.


Thankfully Eunice was able to find help from some of the people who were also escaping. Trying with all her might to stand up, she called out to them for help. A group of people saw her and helped her  – she was carried by motorcycle to the nearest hospital.


Despite the traumatic experience, Eunice eventually gave birth at a local hospital. She is happy to be alive and praises God – But she and her family remain hungry!.


She continues to share that times are now immensely difficult. “Those of us who ran from our homes and escaped couldn’t take anything with us – they burned our houses; because they came in their numbers early in the morning and there was no way we could carry anything,” says Eunice.


Accessing food is now a huge challenge as Fulani herdsmen have destroyed farmlands. Sadly, those who fled from their homes are in desperate need of help and support to be able to get basic food for their livelihood.


PSJUK are in country right now providing life changing support and assistance to help families like Eunice to get back on their feet and to develop alternative means to support their families and build back their business and livelihood. Families like Eunice desperately need your help.



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£25 can provide a food basket to feed one family for 3 days

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£100 can enable PSJUK to equip people like Eunice with new skill to start a trade to fend for herself and her family.