PSJUK will be feeding Hundreds of families this Christmas. These are victims of Insurgencies in the middle belt of Nigeria who have lost their means of livelihoods. Put a smile on their faces this Christmas to give them some Hope.

Follow us as we countdown to our 

Double your donation on the BigGive Christmas Challenge.



HOW CAN WE HELP, Please get in touch with us​

BigGive Campaign


When should we fulfil our pledges?

From 5th December

Can i fulfil my pledge before or during the online giving window?


Why can’t i redeem my pledge before the giving window?

Your pledge is meant to match
the online donation. This is why the online donations need to be completed before you can release
your pledges.

What payment link can i use to fulfill my pledge from 5th December?
What Account details can i pay to, if i choose to pay by bank?

46349776, Sort Code: 23-05-80, IBAN: GB84MYMB23058046349776, SWIFT: MYMBGB2L,
Bank Name: Metro Bank, Use this reference: Biggive Pledge

Which week is the outreach scheduled for?

Our target is to start the week of 17th and
21st December

What else can i do as a pledger to help PSJUK achieve the target?

Invite other people to
give, share information on the various whatsApp groups you belong to, Connect PSJUK with
corporate bodies who can donate, offer logistics support, warehousing support, and products
that can be added into the food boxes we will be sharing with victims.

In case the donation campaign is not successful, and we are left with only the £12,500 in pledges, can the project still go on?

Yes, PSJUK will still use what we have to provide relief items
for as many people as the funds can cater for.

Any other information we should know?

This outreach will also be used to raise massive
awareness of the atrocities in Nigeria and speak up for the victims in Nigeria’s middle belt.

Is there a list of items we can help with, aside from the monetary donations?

Please contact
us at [email protected] for more information about the list.

Can the general public donate any amount when the donation window of 28th of November is opened?

Yes any amount is accepted.