Ending SARS is only the beginning of Nigeria’s urgent reform

Western and global media has been inundated in the last few days with highs and lows of the #ENDSARS protests. In short, they are a much-needed campaign to reform Nigeria’s notorious police force. At Lekki toll gate last Tuesday, a varying-estimated number of protestors were shot by security forces in a seemingly pre-meditated massacre, as […]

Boko Haram endangers Nigeria’s sixty years of independence

The news that the Governor of Borno State in Nigeria has requested the help of neighbouring Chad’s military to defeat Boko Haram, came as a humbling yet welcome move to all those working for peace and justice in Africa. That the news came around October 1st, Nigeria’s sixtieth anniversary of independence from Britain, made the […]

Nigeria’s Christian genocide should be top of the ICC case list

Recently the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Nigerian Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, visited the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. The meeting gave the ICC the opportunity to present their work defending human rights amid some of the harshest abuses humanity has faced, taking place right now on our planet. It should have […]

Calls for more joined up thinking on the Sahel and Northern Nigeria

London: 19 August 2020 – Diaspora Nigerians in the UK and America are calling for direct military involvement in peacekeeping in Northern Nigeria which is now third in the Global Terrorism Index. As more British forces prepare for deployment with UN peacekeepers in restive Mali to the north, calls are growing for a similar push […]

The British public tells Boris Johnson: “Protect Nigeria’s Christians!”

Ayo Adedoyin As the leader of a diasporan-led NGO working to stop the growing persecution of Christians in Nigeria, I was pleased to see the results of a new survey released by leading pollster Savanta ComRes. It said exactly what we knew all along: Nigeria’s suffering Christians who live north of the River Niger are […]

PSJ UK Outreach to Victims of Southern Kaduna atrocities

With more people displaced recently in Southern Kaduna following a ramp up of terrorist attack, supporters of PSJ UK have partnered with RADi (Resilient Aid & Dialogue initiative), a local solution provider to reach displaced persons and communities with urgent supplies of food and basic essentials. A combination of the Fulani Militant attacks and the […]

UK Government must show that ‘Black Lives Matter’ in it’s ex-colonies

Image Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/11806575/anthony-joshua-tackling-racism-in-local-community/ A lot has been made in recent weeks of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign to root out racism, and remove symbols that embrace Britain’s involvement in the African Slave Trade. Yet for all the uproar, little has been made of the injustice faced in Britain’s ex- colonies, much of which are a […]

APPG IFRoB Nigeria Report Summary_PSJ

NIGERIA: UNFOLDING GENOCIDE? INTRODUCTION The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief (APPG) is a group of over 100 British Parliamentarians from different political parties and from both Houses of Parliament. It exists to promote Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that “Everyone has the right […]

Let’s use our foreign aid to bring security and peace to terrorist outposts

Ayo Adedoyin As the UK head of a Nigeria-focused charity working to improve the lives of millions in Africa’s largest economy, I welcome the recent news that the Foreign Office is taking over the Department for International Development (DFID). The much-anticipated merger, set to be completed by September, is a fantastic sign that this Government cares […]

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