15th Oct, 2022

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About The Event

This is an urgent call for Nigerian's in Diaspora and friends of Nigeria to come together to learn how to advocate effectively for the Peace of Nigeria in this one-day, in-person training with seasoned facilitators. We are now in desperate times in Nigeria hence we must be strategic with our approach to tackling the Nigeria insecurity crisis.

As you may know, it has become increasingly evident that the perpetrators of terrorism across Nigeria are extremely organized. They have significant resources to aid their efforts and reach their desired goal. With this in mind, those seeking peace and social justice in Nigeria must equip themselves with proven advocacy techniques to ensure we maximise our impact.

This is why PSJ UK is offering a platform for you to sharpen your advocacy skills in our in-person, one day training event. The day is designed to help you develop the knowledge and practical skills you need to advocate effectively in order to strategically engage your MP and other stakeholders.

In this practical and interactive training day, you will learn:

  1. What is Advocacy?
  2. Can it really make a difference for Nigeria?
  3. The Three points of engagement – Integrated Campaigning
  4. How to become skilled in analysing relevant stakeholders and positioning yourself strategically to engage effectively.
  5. Skills in formulating effective messaging that manages to reach the target audience.
  6. How to grow your interpersonal persuasive communication skills.
  7. How to become familiar with available tools in advocating for a safe and secure Nigeria.
  8. How to maximize your MP for your cause
  9. How some successful organizations and individuals have influenced Politics, Policies, Perceptions and Practice through effective advocacy.

London, United Kingdom

10 AM – 4 PM

Host: -International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice (PSJUK)

Meet The Speakers

Folajimi Ayo Adedoyin

Ayo Adedoyin is a Society Development Consultant with a passion for social justice. He has had a long track-record working across ...

Mark William - Ex MP

Mark Williams was the Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion from 2005 until 2017.He has fought eight parliamentary elections. He is a former Leader of the Welsh
Taiwo Owatemi MP


Taiwo Owatemi is an NHS Key Worker, a Senior Oncology Pharmacist and a Member of Parliament for Coventry North West since 2019. Mrs Taiwo Owatemi is also a Community focused woman, rendering community services across Coventry.


Dr David Landrum has been the Director of Advocacy & Public Affairs at Open Doors UK & Ireland since January 2021. This role involves giving voice in politics, government and the media to the persecuted church..