U. K. Office manager

This is a newly created role within PSJ UK designed to provide the ideal candidate the opportunity to make a difference within the Human Rights/ advocacy sector whilst also gaining valuable inter-transferrable skills. Furthermore, there is a huge potential for rapid professional advancement within the organisation, should you desire to remain as an instrumental member of our staff.

The successful candidate will need to be dynamic and flexible.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Manages day-to-day activities of the charity
  • Organise and co-ordinate the various aspects of the NGO’s operations –
    optimising outputs & deliverables
  • Interfaces with and support Action Team Leaders
  • Optimise productivity and monitors action points for Staff, Contractors &
  • Prepare regular reports for CEO & Board
  • Produces PSJ UK Annual Report & Financial Report
  • Ensure Charity’s statutory compliance
  • Interfaces with appointed Accountants, Auditors, Insurers, Fundraisers, Bankers,
    Premises / Facilities Managers, Payroll etc
  • Owns and Oversees the digital operational environment for PSJ UK (Microsoft SharePoint)
    ensuring that it is maintained optimally e.g. all Policies, Systems, Processes and
    procedures – That they are stored in the correct locations and are being reviewed
    and updated at the correct times. 
  • Reviews created content and signs off on website updates & letters going out
  • Prepares materials for advocacy campaigns and supporter generation
  • Interviews & recruits volunteers
  • Reviews and signs off fundraising applications for grants and trusts
  • Supplier management
  • Organise appropriate training for Staff and Volunteers
  • Oversee the yearly planning cycle
  • Run appraisals
  • Manages organisational Risk register
  • Manage the organisation’s KPIs
  • Maintain diary of Key Milestones in the year
  • Maintain PSJUK’s institutional memory
  • Oversee the delivery of digital assets for building supporter base
  • Office administration
  • Management of core team; setting objectives, monitoring attendance and
    performance, holding appraisals and setting objectives for the team

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • A degree in the following fields is highly desirable but not mandatory:
  • Business Management
  • Accounting

Prefferred Skills & Experiences

  • Prior experience in a similar role is essential
  • Very Good communicator – both oral and written
  • The ability to work independently and flexibly
  • Enthusiastic personality with genuine interest in the cause
  • Experience supporting busy multi-facetted executive at a Senior level
  • Have strong MS Office skills and be conversant with other tools e.g. CRMs
  • Experience working for a charity is a plus but not essential
  • Experience managing a team
  • Be highly organised and detail orientated

Additional Notes

There will be an occasional requirement for the role holder to work outside of
normal working hours and travel for work occasionally.

Dept: Management

Travel: Required

Salary : £25,000 – £40,000 p/annum depending on experience

Code: Psj_mgt_002

Category: Paid
Type: Full Time
Location: London United Kingdom
Sorry! This job has expired.

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